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I celebrate "the number" of years I've been alive and I 'm thankful for the experiences and the wisdom gained

...but I don't live my life according to "that number" or allow it to dictate my health or my lifestyle! In other words. Instead, I live


And that is what I want to help you do!

Growing older ~ without degenerative aging ~ is like putting together a masterful jigsaw puzzle.

It's about Whole Body health and takes time, discipline, patience, as well as mindfulness to see the full picture!

Through both my practice and podcast, I want to help you balance your whole-health and find homeostasis.

Strengthen your immunity. Gain energy and find deep sleep.  Live with vitality and passions.

To make your midlife years and beyond healthier and longer.

It's about Biological Age and Healthspan.

Together, let's create a Thriving Ageless Life!

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