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How to Harness Self Awareness for Greater Health and Longevity, with Tanya Walker


The concept of self-awareness carries tremendous weight in the realm of health and aging. It is no lesser truth that negative self-perceptions are associated with a shorter life span, while having a positive self-perception is associated with a longer and healthier life. In this podcast episode of "Becoming Ageless," our host Robynn Lin Fredericks engaged in a riveting conversation with Tanya Walker, an Integrative Health Practitioner. Together, they explored the monumental bump that self-awareness adds to our healthspan and youthful biological age. Let's unpack the insightful exchange!

Human Perception and Longevity

It's fascinating how our self-perception significantly influences our longevity. Do you wake up each morning, looking into the mirror, grateful to be alive? Or do you falter at the reflection you see? Embracing positive self-perceptions not only builds our self-esteem but also contributes to a longer healthspan. Amazing, right?

Identifying the importance of self-perception, Robynn & Tanya also addressed the notion of conscientiousness, an often-misunderstood concept. Both emphasized that like self-awareness, conscientiousness doesn't mean that one idly falls into lines and rules. Nor does it imply learning to be conscientious merely to project a particular personality trait. Instead, it is about true conscious living with values like hard work, organization, responsibility; and importantly, not doing this at the expense of oneself. It highlights the art of saying 'no' without negatively impacting everything else around us.

The Power of Emotions 

Another melting pot of discussion was our emotional body. Emotions, or energy in motion as Tanya beautifully put them, deeply affect our nervous system. Most people unknowingly live in a state of survival mode due to unresolved or unaddressed emotional challenges. By diving into self-awareness and understanding how fear, anger, and other emotions lodge within us, we create a path to increased wellbeing and overall wellness.

Tanya touched on the three pillars of an individual's persona - the mind, body, and spirit. Checking in with our thoughts, focusing on emotional wellbeing alongside physical health, and connecting with our higher self or a higher power can build a solid foundation of self-awareness. 

Confronting Trauma

We're all shaped by life experiences, sometimes trauma being the clandestine influencer. Tanya discussed how opening up about personal trauma and recognizing the resistance it creates in the body is an essential process to initiate healing. While it can seem frightening to open up about past injuries, the act is like inviting your wounds to heal in sunlight. Getting comfortable with uncomfortable emotions often reveals paths to wellbeing that were previously obscured by fear. 

Navigating the Path of Self Awareness

In the era of social media, where comparison fuels discontentment, and everyone's life is on display, finding authenticity can be a struggle. But Tanya emphasized the power of showing up as oneself, as she said, "Understand that all begins up here." Mindfulness about what we consume both in terms of food and thought, practicing conscious living, and setting clear goals and priorities can dynamically change our healthspan trajectory.

Exploring your values and goals, carving out boundaries, and not letting external influences dismay your journey is pivotal. As Robynn so pertinently said, "We are our own best health advocate," self-awareness comes with self-love and liking the person gazing back at you in the mirror. 


In a world where survival often teeters on superficialities, self-awareness may seem like a luxury. However, being in tune with oneself is integral to leading not just a lengthened lifespan but a healthy, fulfilling one.

The power of self-awareness may seem like an abstract concept, but as Tanya argued, "You have more control than you think." Don't leave your health and wellbeing up to fate - take control, embrace self-awareness, and set yourself on a path to a vibrant healthspan and beyond.


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