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Pushing the Boundaries: The Inspiring Journey of Ultra-Marathon Runner Molly Sheridan

As we journey through life, one crucial lesson we must not forget is that age is no barrier to achieving our dreams. A perfect illustration of this profound truth is Molly Sheridan, an ultra-marathon runner who defies the odds with every stride. 

## Molly's Story

Our story begins with a seemingly ordinary conversation between two friends – Molly Sheridan and Robynn Lin. Robynn kicks off their exchange by introducing Molly, a woman whose journey from being an event planner and mother of three to an ultra-marathon runner is as extraordinary as it is inspiring.

At age 48, Molly was neither a regular exerciser nor a runner. The invitation to try marathon running came from an unexpected source – her long-distance friend, Kylie Johnson. Despite her initial resistance, she was struck by a lingering sense of intrigue that kept her up at night. Answering this inner call, Molly stepped out of her comfort zone and started training for her first marathon.

Molly's early running experiences were not without their challenges. She sustained a stress fracture, encountered a dismissive doctor, and had to undertake pool running to maintain her fitness levels while allowing her injury to heal. But she emerged stronger, more resilient, and more determined to pursue her new-found passion for running.

## Picking up the Pace

A 50k soon escalated into a 50 miler, then a 100 miler. Molly quickly realized that her journey wasn't just about clocking miles; it was about discovering incredible strength and resilience within herself.

Despite the trials she faced, she transformed her adversity into fuel for her determination and continued to conquer trail after trail, race after race. After completing 85 ultra marathons and winning numerous awards, Molly has become a testament to endurance, resilience, and the limitless potential of the human spirit.

## Life Lessons from the Road

One of the most impactful aspects of Molly's story is her approach to running and exercise as a whole. She emphasizes the importance of finding joy and a sense of adventure in the process, insisting that a positive mindset and strong mental resilience are critical to persisting through challenges. Instead of looking at progress in terms of miles, she suggests we look at it in terms of minutes and applauds the idea of setting achievable goals.

Just as inspiring as her running journey is the impact it's had on those around her. The influence of her journey is tangible, with her daughters and countless other individuals taking up running and embracing a more active lifestyle.

## Connecting with Molly Sheridan 

Whether you're a seasoned runner or someone who is just starting their fitness journey, you're likely to draw inspiration from Molly's story. She's not just challenging the status quo around aging and physical capabilities; she's reminding us all that we're capable of far more than we might realize.

If you're interested in connecting with Molly and following her running journey, you can find her on Instagram under the handle Molly Sheridan Runs. She's keen to engage with her followers, answer questions, and offer advice based on her personal experiences.

Embrace Molly's inspirational mantra: "Find the joy". The world is wide open for those willing to set their fears aside, lace up their shoes, and take that first step into the unknown. You never know where your own journey might take you, and the only way to find out is to start. Here's to becoming more like Molly - stronger, braver, and continually pushing our boundaries.

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