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Elevating Life Through Fitness

When it comes to our mid-life years, misconceptions about health, fitness, and age often discourage us from taking control of our wellness. However, Kiki Hurwitt

, a mid-life fitness enthusiast with an empowering story of transformation, is setting out to shift these narratives and inspire other women to embrace healthier lifestyles. Despite the challenges encountered along her fitness journey, she has successfully managed to revamp her lifestyle, benefiting every aspect of her being, while also inspiring thousands of people through her Instagram account.

From Pain to Gain

Kiki Hurwitt's transformative journey started when she found herself at the doctor's office for a regular physical examination. The result was an unnerving revelation - she was pre-diabetic and her cholesterol levels were worryingly high. Having grown up with both parents severely affected by type two diabetes, Kiki was all too aware of the implications if she continued on her current trajectory.

However, instead of feeling defeated, Kiki saw it as an opportunity to take control of her life. She recognized that her diet, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, and high-stress levels were affecting her health. She reached out to her stepdaughter, a well-credentialed online fitness coach, and embarked on her fitness journey. 

Taking the First Steps 

Persistence is key when it comes to achieving fitness goals, and Kiki Hurwitz stayed committed to her new fitness routine despite initial struggles. She initially found it challenging to incorporate exercise and a healthier diet into her routine. It was an emotionally trying period as she had to overhaul her entire life to accommodate her new wellness routine. 

She endured, and as time went on, her consistent efforts bore fruit. Kiki shared that a huge motivator was finding community support through her coach and team, which helped lift her spirits when she faced hurdles. 

The 'Deadlift' Epiphany 

Hurwitz found her most empowering and transformative moments through weights, particularly the deadlift. Ironically, she initially struggled with this exercise and even tweaked her back. But the process of overcoming these challenges was truly a turning point in her journey.

Inspiring Others 

Since then, Kiki Hurwitt has dedicated herself to inspiring other women to take charge of their health, predominantly those in their middle years. As a Mindset and Behavior Coach, she now supports and motivates women to break down barriers that might be holding them back from leading healthier lifestyles. Her inspirational journey and impressive resilience continue to inspire countless women globally as they embark on similar life-changing pursuits.

Achieving a Healthier You 

From transparency about her journey to invaluable encouragement, Hurwitz truly represents a beacon of possibility and hope for many women navigating fitness journeys in their later years. She advises those who want to start on their fitness journey:

1. Start Small: Introduce one healthy habit per month. 

2. Consistency, not Perfection: It's about making sustainable lifestyle changes, not achieving perfection. Aiming for 80-90% consistency is a strong start.

3. Get a Fitness Friend: Find a friend or a coach for support and motivation on your fitness journey. 

Her story underscores an important truth: No matter one's age or previous lifestyle habits, it's never too late to prioritize one's health. Even seemingly small shifts can profoundly impact one's life quality for the better and unlock an authentic joy and vitality in one's life. As Kiki would say, now is the time to leap and find your 'joyful viking'.

Indeed, Kiki Hurwitt's journey is a testament to the power of determination, consistency, and a supportive community in achieving lasting health and wellness transformation. It is a stirring reminder that our health journey is indeed a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a long game that encompasses physical wellness, mental health, and overall life happiness. No matter where you're starting from or how old you are, it’s never too late to embark on your own journey to better health. 

Follow Kiki Hurwitt on Instagram [@thelikaviking]( to be part of her growing community and find daily inspiration towards a healthier, joyful life.

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